Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scout: River Bath…

Huh?! What do you expect from the post title? Well, to be honest, (bwa hahaha) I enjoy this day because I did experience an exciting free time by having a river bath…hahaha…well as far as I know, these activities aren’t for us but for our girls scout (junior scout-Lencana Maju if I’m not mistaken). Bah! I kinda lazy typing too much today. (Yes I know my English is BAD. It is because English is my third language). Okey, feel free to view those pictures. Ehem…(Bwa hahaha)

Hye! These three guys are my real best friend. Look at the orange-towel guy? Isn’t he’s rock? Hahaha…Hye B don’t be mad okey? I’m just want to pick some fight here..even though you are skilled than me (Silat gayung?). Wait…I think I forgot to mention about the black and white clothes guy. Ehem… those white and black cloth guy are the real stress-trigger. hahaha…(Batu api!!!) 

The different way to cook “Hot dog”. We burn it baby! Burn to a crisp! Bwa hahaha…(I’d dang nosorob oi). Hahaha…
Hah! Two guys! Yang pakai topi memang batu api!!!! HaH!!! stress….haha…just kidding .Okey…but Filosa (yellow cloth) being a bit tricky here…noo…long bamboo..(dengan harapan tidak kena panas la tu..) Manuel (green cloth)..cheers!!!

Naaa…take a look at my finger licking Hot dog…isn’t it beautiful? hahaha….
 Walter!!!! B!!! Both of you are sick!! Loly Loly Pop Group!

Hah! Take a look at me. Cool huh? (I’m freezing laa)
Okeii..end of chapter….(busy chatting with Mandeline Edward) …k..50-50

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